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Why Sneakers Are My Favorite Footwear

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

There was a point in time where I would NEVER and I mean NEVER wear sneakers for anything other than sports, working out or cleaning up around the house. And for those whose main footwear was sneakers - I looked at them with disdain. To me, people whose main form of footwear was sneakers were those who were clueless and had no style.

I am and probably will always be a supporter, an advocate if you will, of heels. To me, there is nothing sexier or more stylish than high heel. It’s what I always wore but to be completely honest, they aren’t always practical or comfortable. But a heel was what it was going to be.

I can’t really pinpoint where and when my mindset changed but about a year ago or so, I found myself taking a second glance at various styles of sneakers. Perhaps as my personal style continued to evolve (as it should), I became more open to the idea of sneakers becoming a style option that went beyond the gym. I would often see how other stylish women would style their sneakers and thought "I could definitely slay this look".

I thoroughly enjoy wearing sneakers because they can be the focal point of many looks. I can literally wear them with anything - t-shirts and jeans/leggings, bodysuits, dresses, shorts, sequins, wide leg pants and more. Sneaker style options are endless and can always be paired with a cute purse and jewelry. In addition to that, I like stylish comfortable options in addition to loafers that can accommodate fast paced city living - constant walking and hopping on and off trains.

I love that sneaker styles and brands have evolved with more stylish options. This warms my heart because I will never sacrifice style for comfort. Both are a must and I buy them from everywhere, thus making getting dressed effortless and sensible.

I personally don't have specific designers that I gravitate to for sneakers nor do I worry about the season a sneaker comes from. If it's cute and I like it then I'm adding them to my collection.

-Sneakers - Fila Solstice EXP-A

-Body Suit - SHEIN Sheeny Crisscross Back Tank Jumpsuit

-Purse - SHEIN Chevron Push Lock Chain Tote Bag

-Sunglasses - Rainbow

-Denim Jacket - Marshalls

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