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Is Lip Oil The New Lip Gloss?

I don't consider myself to be a glossy lip person - unless I'm wearing nude lip colors. This is because in my humble opinion, matte nude colors can make one look unhealthy. I prefer to leave matte lips to rich and vibrant colors such as my signature red lip or other beautiful shades such as orange, pink and deep burgundy.

Sometimes, however, I want to wear a lip product that is nourishing, easy to apply and without a lot of color but still has a little shine. I don't necessarily want to wear a clear gloss but I don't want to wear Carmex either (no shade). So what is my go to solution?  A lip oil.

What Exactly Is A Lip Oil?

Lip oils can be considered the love child of lip gloss, balm and treatment and are intended to give shine and nourishing benefits to the lips. Although not a new concept, there has been an influx of lip oils that are becoming very popular in the beauty space and more brands, from mass market to prestige, are hopping on the lip oil train if they weren't already there. Lip oils contain ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E that will help to soothe, smooth, repair and give lips a nice shine. Lip oils come in clear and sheer color options without the stickiness and sometimes drying nature of lip gloss and can be worn alone or as a topper for  your favorite lip color. Lip oils are perfect if you've been on the hunt for a lip product that doesn't leave your lips rusty and crusty and worse off than before you applied it. Below are some of my favorite lip oils that I keep in rotation.

This by far is one of my most favorite lip oils. I knew from the first swipe when I initially purchased the product that my lips were going to be nourished, shiny and plump. This particular lip oil contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and peptides for plumping. The only current "downside" to this lip oil is the applicator. The last time I purchased this particular product I discovered they switched the applicator which is now rather small and wimpy and doesn't deposit as much product as I would like. Other than that I do like the formula. There are several beautiful shades however my shade of choice is Jellyfish which is a clear, translucent pink-ish color.

First off, Haus Labs is an amazing brand.  Many times when celebrities create a line it leaves a lot to be desired.  This particular lip oil, although it’s thinner than I prefer and isn’t as cushiony as it claims, it still does a wonderful job at leaving my lips smooth, shiny and moist.

First of all I absolutely love the colorful packaging of this entire brand.  I have heard really good things about some of the skincare products and although I’m not interested in those particular items, I did want to try the lip gloss oil hybrid.  I decided to purchase the Lip Glaze Duo which comes with Candy Apple (dark red) and the Mystery Glaze (sheer pink).  The key ingredients include jojoba oil, pomegranate and a plumping complex.  Of the two, I prefer the Mystery Glaze because I like the tint it left on my lips and my lips were soft and shiny.  The other shade left a weird film on my teeth and collected in the corners of my mouth.  Not good at all.  I will definitely purchase the Mystery Glaze again.

Never sticky or tacky, Glossybounce is best described as a lip gloss meets lip oil lip.  It has a high shine sheer glossy finish that leaves the lips smooth and hydrated with 3 key ingredients to help nourish the lips - hyaluronic acid, shea butter and jojoba seed oil.  I appreciate the fact that this is a clean brand and the packaging is also sustainable.  This particular packaging is made from PCR which is post consumer resin which is made from recycled plastic.  My go to color from this brand is Push which is a beautiful sheer brown shade that looks great by itself and of course with a brown lip liner.

More than pretty packaging, this fragrance free lip oil went on smoothly without any sticky feeling. It’s infused with apricot oil for replenishment, vitamin e for conditioning and jojoba seed oil to help lock in moisture.  I would definitely purchase this one again because it did leave my lips smooth and glowing.

If you get weak for gorgeous packaging like I do, you might want to give this lip oil a try. Like Hourglass itself, this particular lip oil has been around for a long time - before lip oils really became a thing. But more than pretty packaging, this anti-aging lip treatment oil contains 14 essential oils, 10 plant oils, and 4 nourishing vitamins to address dryness, chapping and aging. I will say that the formula is thinner than other lip oils I like and I don't find it to be as shiny but it does nourish my lips and leaves a glow if you will.

I didn't understand all of the hype surrounding the Dior Lip Glow Oil. I knew it was trending in TikTok and was sold out for some time but so what. That doesn't necessarily mean it's good and I wanted to make an informed decision for myself. You know I've been in these makeup streets for some time so nothing really moves me. But then I finally tried it and it didn't disappoint. The formula is luxurious, the applicator is the perfect size and hugs the lip perfectly with nourishing ingredients. This particular lip oil uses color reviver technology to interact with the moisture in your lip to create a custom color. The key ingredient of cherry oil helps, thus making my lips moisturized, nourished and supple with one swipe of the generously shaped applicator.   My favorite shade is  001.

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