BeautyGrind          Twitter          Instagram is a lifestyle management consultancy that utilizes artistry, style, writing, and

productivity strategies to create unique experiences for the savvy, progressive individual.  Whether it is makeup artistry for an event, a wardrobe or style overhaul, writing projects or goal setting, is committed to delivering high level, personalized, client-centric solutions.


I believe in taking a hands on approach in every interaction to help clients fulfill their ambition.  I believe in co-creating with the clients I take on with ongoing collaboration and communication because this, after all, is a partnership.  Continual education, exploration and staying informed of industry trends is my commitment behind delivering cutting edge information and experiences to my clients.  Creativity, introspection, imagination, audacity and authenticity are my driving force. 

Won't you join me?


I am multi-passionate...


Who is Khalilah?


I am a makeup artist, image consultant, writer/blogger and productivity strategist and I help dynamic women like you discover, ignite and amplify their brilliance.  Initially, I tried to be just one thing and offer just one service to my clients but that didn't feel quite right.  Then I realized that my blend of skills and talents do not fit into a neat box of constraints.  I think in some instances when we try to narrowly define ourselves instead of just being, it stifles our spirit and eclipses our purpose which I believe is connected to other people.  It also does not allow room for expansion or evolution.

Can you relate?


How did I get here?


My background is in energy consulting.  I worked for an energy consulting startup for 8 years right out of college.  All was well until I found myself promoted overnight.  Literally.  My boss said, "Khalilah, this is your ship.  You run it how you see fit."  I was freaked out but took creative liberty and ran, never looking back.  I created an entire department which did not exist, built a team of core and temporary employees, put rules and expectations in place and created various manuals, including an employee handbook.  I used my innate skills of planning, organizing and strategizing to excel in project management and learned very quickly how train, coach, facilitate and deliver results quickly and efficiently.  After being downsized twice, I could see the writing on the wall and declined the eventual offer to relocate to Texas. 


During this time,  I discovered my talent of makeup artistry after cutting all of my hair off.  When I would do my own makeup and go out, I would get approached to do makeup for weddings, runway and various projects.  Initially I declined all offers since I didn't go to school to be a makeup artist.  But I kept getting approached and figured this was something worth investigating.  I took various classes, practiced non-stop to hone my skills and studied the history of makeup artistry and other successful makeup artists like Kevyn Aucoin and Way Bandy.  I decided to start accepting offers and moved forward with building my career.  Yes I received many strange looks when I told people what I did but back in the 90's when I started, being a real life makeup artist was kind of unheard of.


After my energy consulting career ended and as I continued to build my makeup artistry career, I took a job as a sales associate at one of my favorite high end retail fashion stores. Three months in, I was promoted to a manager.  It was here that I started getting approached to help people revamp their personal style, overhaul their closets, help them prepare for interviews, dates and much more.  My previous management and leadership background proved to be helpful as I sharpened my analytical, time management, goal setting, selling and client-facing skills - all of which helped me to provide better experiences with my growing personal clientele.


I've always had a love for writing.  English was my favorite subject and I always excelled in writing on various topics.  Fast forward to 2014 when I took on the role of online beauty writer for Facon Magazine.  I was energized by the fast pace and learned so much.  After my time ended at the magazine, I decided to pursue writing seriously and provide writing services for others.

These past experiences have brought me full circle to today where I am dedicated to helping phenomenal women like you look, feel and be their absolute best.  I spend my time as an educator for a well known beauty company as well as running and, a site for timeless content on all things beauty, fashion, wellness, lifestyle and business.