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Looking Beautiful and Living Well On Purpose Is A Bold Choice.  It's A Choice That Can Make Others Uncomfortable With

Your Presence.

Khalilah is known for her edgy and creative looks.  From her signature buzz cut to her wig slays, beautiful jewelry and embellished nails, Khalilah loves to share her 20 + years of experience in the beauty/fashion industry as well as her  enthusiasm for all things beauty.

Her past experiences as a manager in energy consulting, beauty and fashion retail as well as former beauty editor for a DC magazine have brought Khalilah full circle to today where she is dedicated to helping her clients look, feel and be their absolute best.  Khalilah spends her time as an educator for a well known beauty company as well as running and, a site for industry researched and tested, timeless content on all things beauty, fashion, wellness, lifestyle and business. is a

Lifestyle Management


As a makeup artist, image consultant and writer, Khalilah helps to create unique beauty, fashion and business experiences for the savvy progressive and creative individual.  Her goal is to identify client needs to create solutions, elevate the client experience and procure a vision that is limitless.

Collaboration and alignment with clients and projects is based on mutual values:







Continual education, exploration, and staying informed of industry trends is her commitment to delivering cutting edge information and experiences to clients.

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