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I Just Leveled Up My Body Care Routine.

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Full transparency here - my body care routine is not as stellar as my skin care routine.  Sure I may apply a moisturizer on the parts that will be exposed for that day but it’s not the same intention that I give to my face and neck.

You see, my facial skincare routine is top tier.  There is actually a morning routine with specific products and a night time routine that include different products and tools.  I take my time with each routine as those are my favorite parts of the day.  It causes me to reflect and relax as I massage products into my skin.  It’s meticulous.  I pay a lot of attention to my skin because I am acne prone and grew up with severe skin problems (think skin that looks like a nestle crunch candy bar).  Also, as a makeup artist and make up wearer, I believe in the importance of letting your skincare do the heavy lifting.  Makeup always looks better on skin that is well taken care of.  And for me, I want makeup to be an option, not a necessity.


But back to the skin on my body.  That is a different story.  Sure, I shower at least twice a day.  I even use the scrubby exfoliating gloves.  But when I get out of the shower, I will usually only moisturize certain parts - hands, ankles, knees, elbows.  But to really take the time to lavish skin care onto my entire body like I do my face is a habit/routine I want to focus on being more intentional with.

Although I don't have issues other than occasional dryness especially in the winter time, I want to ensure that the skin on my body is just as smooth and radiant as the skin on my face at all times.

To aid the process, I have committed to a daily and weekly routine. I will be getting up just a bit earlier to do this before I launch into a busy day.  These are my current favorite products:  

Let's get one thing straight, drug store beauty brands are not to be slept on. Nivea Essentially Enriched Moisturizer with Almond Oil is that girl and has been my go to for years. It is rich and emollient without being heavy or sticky. It is unscented so it doesn't interfere with whatever fragrance I decide to wear- as a matter of fact it makes my fragrance stay on longer. Nivea always leaves my skin with a radiant smooth and glowy finish.

Beyond the clean aesthetic that I appreciate about this brand, I actually enjoy some of the brands products like their deodorant (for at home use) and their body lotion. But this body cream is a luscious delight- an elevated experience. I can't do anything else but sit down and take my time applying this product. This one is also unscented and leaves a nice slip to my skin as well. It doesn't hurt that this product is vegan and cruelty free.

This is another drug store brand go to that doesn't disappoint. It's creamy, rich lather doesn't strip or leave a film on my skin. Although it is lightly scented, it doesn't leave a scent on my skin.

I believe in regular exfoliation and I appreciate the fact that this particular exfoliation provides both enzymatic (pomegranate) as well as physical exfoliation (sugar crystals). I use this once a week and follow up with a moisturizer.

Although you can dry brush every day, I still only remember to use my dry brush once or twice a week. I don't necessarily see a big difference in the softness on my skin but I do like the stimulation it gives. I got an inexpensive dry brush randomly from T.J. Maxx and when I can remember to be more consistent I will definitely upgrade to a higher quality one like the Goop or Dr. Barbara Sturm dry brush.

Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating gloves or scrubby gloves as I like to call them always give me amazing results. I use them daily (am and pm) to cleanse and gently exfoliate my body. I purchase them in bulk from Amazon and switch them out every couple of days.

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