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Always drawn to that which is unconventional, this New Jersey native has a passion for all things beautiful and the boldness to express her individuality while encouraging others to do the same for themselves.


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9 Foundations And Setting Powders That I Keep In Rotation

I believe that a good skin care routine is the best foundation for healthy skin.  However the right foundation is the cherry on top for a flawless finish.


The Power Of Looking Nice Even When Working From Home

I'm convinced that getting dressed and looking nice is a form  of therapy.  When I leave the house, it's a given that I look nice.  But what about getting dressed when working from home?  Find out what happened when I did just that. 

9 Ways To Look Polished - Even When Running Errands

I've always been of the mindset that you have to get dressed anyway so why not put on something nice.  Looking polished an pulled together is a way of life and can be easy when you equip yourself with the right mindset and, of course, the right wardrobe and accessories.

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