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The Power Of Looking Nice Even When Working From Home

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Getting dressed and looking nice isn't just for going out. 

So a few weeks ago I was on PTO from my full time job and had grandiose plans of writing, shooting content, and just overall being super productive.  Yes, I needed to rest, especially after an already hectic work schedule.  And although I had these major productivity plans for my first official day of PTO,  I found myself hardcore lounging ALL. DAY. LONG.  Sure I got up and did my usual - pray, meditate, journal, do a devotional then work out.  But on this day, after I showered and ate breakfast on the couch, I was going to conquer the world.  But instead of getting dressed in regular clothes, I put on more pj’s and stayed on the couch ALL. DAY. LONG.  Like I did nothing. Absolutely nothing but watch tv, eat and sleep.  Sure all of that was well deserved but it got me thinking around the 8th or 9th hour of “relaxing” what would happen if I treated my freelance time with more intention?  As in create a dedicated workspace, office hours with a lunch break and even get dressed and do my makeup. What would happen?  That is what I intended to do the next day.

So on Tuesday, I did my normal routine.  I then showered and instead of eating my breakfast in the living room on the couch, I sat at my kitchen table and listened to a podcast!  Whoa - physical and intellectual nutrition. By the way, the podcast I listened to was



After I ate, I did my makeup and got dressed.  I was pressed to wear a cute leopard print cardigan I got from Trice Boutique with some cute jeans and tank top (and of course lots of jewelry).  I was amazed at how I felt and how productive I was with setting that intention.

I say all of that to say this: There is power in setting your intentions.  My intent was to get dressed, do my makeup and work from a dedicated  space  - specifically when I am working from home.  Doing so had a great impact on productivity to drive the results I was looking for.  I was focused, productive and felt and looked amazing.  I also had boundaries on activities that could wait, like watching tv, talking on the phone, texting and endless hours of scrolling on Pinterest.  I also know that I didn't snack incessantly throughout the day.

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Getting dressed although I was working  from home also had another benefit.  I figured that I couldn't let a good outfit go to waste so it allowed me to shoot more video and photo content because I was already dressed.

Let me also say this, when I leave the house I alway get dressed.  I have a motto - I don't do  bummy over here.  There is a way to elevate basics and alway look polished.  Even my pj’s, robes and slippers are pretty.  So looking nice wasn't the issue - whether I am home or out and about.  My point is that my lounge/sleepwear was causing me to be more lax than I wanted to be when I knew I had work to do.  I like this new getting dressed at home me!

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If you work from home and your bed or couch is your work space (no shade at all) and your sleepwear is your work wardrobe and you want to switch it up, consider the following:

  • Plan your day the night before.  Write down 1-2 key things that must be completed.    Pick out an outfit/accessories, etc and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

  • Get up earlier and have some quiet time before starting your day.  Consider meditation, journaling, praying or reading something inspiring.  There is something about easing into your day instead of repeatedly hitting the snooze button and then bolting out of bed at the very last minute.

  • Get moving (walking, stretching, workout)

  • Shower, get dressed, do your hair and makeup.

  • Eat breakfast, preferably in the kitchen/dining room table.  This creates mindfulness.

  • Review what needs to be completed that day.

  • Set your work hours (mine are usually 1pm-6pm with an hour lunch break and two 10 minute breaks.  However, listen to your body and mind.  You might only be able to work 3 hours and THAT’S IT.  Shut everything down.  During this time, be sure to not interact with your phone much.  Play some music (like jazz) or listen to nothing.

  • When you are done working, be sure to celebrate what you have accomplished, take note of what didn't get completed and plan for the next day.

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